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Using Invoices in Pawn Leads for Payments Via Text and Email

By using invoices inside of the Payments tab, you will get advanced options and be able to track payments smoother, and notify the client automatically when the payment has processed.

To do this please follow the steps in this video.


To access invoices, you will need to go the payments option on the left, and then click the invoices on the top tab. From here you can create a new invoice and select the client to send the invoice too.

Building an invoice looks like the below screenshot. You will notice you can set the Issue Date, Due Date, and select the client. You will also need to select the client who you are billing this too. After you have completed this, you need to click send in the top right corner, and the invoice will go out.


In the Payments option on the left, you will see a Transactions tab at the top. This is where you can see all transactions that have been completed for your reconciliation in the store. On the right hand side you have a few buttons to choose from on each transaction to give you additional detail.

You also have the option in the top right to click on Download, to download all transactions shown within the current filter.


You need to have stripe integrated for this to work. Note, Stripe does not like Firearms or Interest payment processing. We recommend not using this feature to process these types of payments, and if you choose to, only include the ticket number, and not details with words about the product.

Our partnered system is working on a authorized.net integration which will allow most of your current processers to be integrated solving the above issue -2/7/2023 updated

Updated on February 7, 2023

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