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New Onboarding to Pawn Leads CRM

Onboarding Steps

In this onboarding series, we will cover setting up your Pawn Leads account to send text messages, the app on your phone and more! You can start and start the process throughout these steps below but DO NOT WAIT TO LONG. You are missing out on profit in your stores by not taking advantage of the feature within the system.

Step 1 – Get Logged In – Change Your Password, and Setup Your Phone Number

  • Step 1. Get logged in, go to Settings Tab, Change Your Business Name, Update your Business Number, then update your website name. Last go to My Staff, and change your Password
  • Step 2. Now it is time to Issue a Phone number, go to the left hand side under settings, and click on “Add a Phone Number”. Search for a number, then select a number and add it. Note, and be aware of carrier fees, and SMS fees.
  • Step 3, Go back and go to Conversations, create your first text message to your phone number, and text back to make sure it is working. Check the recents tab to see the messages.
  • Step 4. Now go File a Support ticket to request making your landline number textable. Go to support tickets on the left hand side and create your first ticket.
  • Step 1. Download the mobile app “Pawn Leads” or “Lead Connector”
  • Step 2. Call your Store, make sure tracking is working. Turn on Call Recording
  • Step 3. Go to the Conversation tab, see the call tracking.
  • Step 4. Click on “Call Stats” to see more details about calls. 
  • Step 5. Connect your Google Account and enabled “GMB Call Tracking”
  • This allows 2 numbers to be on your google my business, and add your pawn leads number in order to track the calls.
  • Step 6. Send your first google review link and make sure it is working by generating a review link

Step 3 – Setting up Auto Call Response with the Admin Setting

  • Step 1. Turn on Missed Call Textback in Admin Settings
  • Step 2. Test to make sure it works

Step 4 – Webchat Widget Setup Get

  • Step 1. Check out our wordpress hosting and also get your admin login to you website to install the lead connector plugin.
  • Step 2. Once you have logged into your website, go to plugin, and install the Lead Connector plugin. Alternatively grab the chat widget script and install this.
  • Step 3. Get the API key from your admin settings to sync the plugin and make sure it’s working
  • Step 4. Note that you can sync a funnel page inside of your web page now, for things like hiring ads, marketing forms and more (search the knowledge base for how to’s on this).

Step 5 – Set up Webchat Autoreply with the Workflow Builder

  • Go to Automations on the left hand side, and create a new workflow
  • Undstand what a trigger is, and a action
  • Create a trigger for
  • Set up the action to reply
  • Spend a little time listen to Sam later in the video talk about what else you can use workflows for.

Updated on February 9, 2023

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